4 Reasons To Hire A Caregiver For Your Aging Parents

4 Reasons To Hire A Caregiver For Your Aging Parents

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The United States Census Bureau estimates that the number of Americans aged 65 and older will reach about 80 million in 2040. Therefore, it’s safe to say the American population is aging fast, raising numerous concerns about caring for the elderly. Hiring a caregiver is a huge decision you may have to make for your elderly parents, and although they might initially resist, they may quickly realize it is in their own best interest. Here are some good reasons to hire a caregiver for your aging parents.

1. Give your parent a friend

A University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study estimates that over 40% of seniors often experience loneliness. Therefore, your parents probably get lonely staying at home, even if they don’t admit it. Luckily, professional caregivers do more than simply check on the elderly’s safety. They typically develop close relationships with their clients, share meals, go on outings, and explore new hobbies. As such, consider hiring a caregiver to take care of your aging parents if they stay alone.

2. Select the services your parent needs

Survey after survey has revealed that an overwhelming number of elderly Americans want to age in place. Therefore, there is a huge likelihood that your aging parent will resist your nursing home suggestions. However, your parents may require a level of care you cannot provide. This reality, combined with their unwillingness to move out of their homes, makes in-home caregiving the next best thing you can do to help them age gracefully.

The great thing about hiring in-home caregivers is that you can select a customized care plan to suit your parent’s needs. For example, you can hire a dementia care service to take care of a parent with Alzheimer’s. Alternatively, you can simply hire someone to drive your parents around or run errands if they are independent enough and require no memory care or assistance with activities of daily living.

3. Challenging family dynamics

Your family’s dynamics can become significantly altered when members disagree over caregiving decisions. Although this sounds very petty, it can lead to rifts and strain relationships beyond repair. Indeed, a study commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Association revealed that 61% of siblings said they didn’t get the support they required from their siblings, which strained their relationship.

It isn’t uncommon for strained relationships to exist between parents, siblings, or children before caregiving even begins. Therefore, the question of who will care for your aging parents can easily be a big bone of contention, so it is best to hire a caregiver to avoid complicating already difficult family dynamics.

4. Caregiver burnout


Burnout can set in when caring for your aging parents, even if you have the purest intentions. You may miss important dinners, struggle to keep up with your chores, and even be sleepless after taking on the caregiving role. The isolation and stress inherent in this role are responsible for burnout, especially if you lack a solid support system.

This burnout can impact your physical and mental health and make you a less effective caregiver. Thankfully, you can outsource this role to a trained professional whose job is to spend significant time around the elderly, saving you from caregiver burnout.

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