New Book Teaches Children Love, Acceptance and the Importance of Brushing Their Teeth – Book Promotion

New Book Teaches Children Love, Acceptance and the Importance of Brushing Their Teeth – Book Promotion

“This is the best children’s book I have read illustrating the importance of oral hygiene to children (and adults) in a easy to read, well-illustrated, and funny format.  It have enjoyed reading the story of Enamel the Camel. I am confident it will be a very popular book to read for children because it can excite their imagination.”

Dean Amid Ismail – Dean of Temple University Maurice Kornberg School of Dentistry

Enamel wishes he was like all the other camels who live in Camel-lot, but his front teeth are bigger than anyone else’s.  Enamel has an overbite, which he brushes to a bright, glowing shine. This marks Enamel as different from his fellow camels and he’s the only camel who brushes his teeth.

Because his teeth are so prominent,

he gets teased at school. Despite kind words from Enamel’s friends, the bullying gets him down. After being teased one time too many during a student outing at the Big Palm Oasis, Enamel decides he’d rather be alone.

But when an epic sandstorm blows in, Enamel saves the day. Using his teeth in a very “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” fashion, Enamel leads his scared classmates home to their worried parents. The town thanks him with an award for heroism, and everyone starts brushing their teeth and smiling.

Enamel the Camel

is an upbeat humorous story for children about sticking out, stepping up, and the importance of good dental care written by Dr. Mike King, a pediatric dentist in New York City since 1986.

In his dental practice, Dr. Mike as he is called, uses jokes, magic tricks, and a calming nature to treat his young patients.  Enamel the Camel is his latest book to help children understand and appreciate their teeth.  He has pioneered the philosophy or “flossophy” as he likes to call it, that smiling and laughing should be part of a child’s dental experience.



Comedian and dentist, Mike King, has built his pediatric dental practice in an unusual manner. He incorporates comedy into his dental office in order to relax the children. Kid’s jokes, and magic tricks are all part of his treatment. Dr. Mike has managed to balance his love for pediatric dentistry with his love for the entertainment business.

In addition to his thriving practice in Manhattan, Dr. Mike appears weekly at Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, and Gotham Comedy Club and is known as The Fifth Dentist. He also takes his hilarious stand-up routine on the road, especially to dental conventions. Mike has appeared on Comedy Central, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and An Evening at the Improv. He has opened many times for Ray Romano and has been featured in Newsweek magazine and the New York Times.

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“Enamel the Camel does a great job inspiring the little ones to flash a big smile and show those shiny, clean teeth. A very cute, endearing book with great illustrations, and a sweet story with an important message. Sure to become a kid’s dental classic.”

Dr. Mark Lemchen – Noted orthdontist

*Photos courtesy of Dr. Mike King

Cynthia Tait

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