Secret Packing Hacks Everyone Should Know Before Moving

Secret Packing Hacks Everyone Should Know Before Moving

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If you’re getting ready to move, it’s important to make the process as seamless as possible. From packing your belongings to properly transporting them, below, we will highlight some of our favorite packing hacks!

Label all appliance accessories

One of the best ways to ensure that your appliances remain functional long after your move is to keep their charger cords and power cables separately from the units themselves. Make sure you properly coil the cables and label each one to clue you in where they belong. This way, you can assemble everything with ease when you arrive at your new destination.

Pack an essentials box

Important documents such as licenses, passports, marriage and birth certificates along with deeds require careful consideration. Create a box and label it accordingly to house all of your important documents and keep them as close to you as possible. This ensures that the most important aspects of your existence are cared-for.

Pack essential toiletries in a bag

When you arrive at your new place, it’s important to have toiletries ready that you normally use. From your favorite towel and hairbrush to your toothbrush and body wash, pack these items separate from your decorations and other belongings.

Pack heavy items in smaller boxes

One of the biggest mistakes that novice movers tend to make is packing heavy items such as books into large boxes. Instead, opt to pack them in smaller boxes as they are easier to lift this way. Purchase strong boxes at Verde to keep heavy items safe. In addition, make sure that you keep your heavy boxes stacked on the bottom of your piles and always keep breakables and fragile items on top of heavier boxes. Make sure to label all boxes with their exact contents so you know what to expect when lifting them.

Use empty toilet paper tubes for cables

Chargers and cables are probably everywhere at home, but to keep your sanity during your move, it’s crucial to pack them wisely. Use empty toilet paper roll tubes to keep your cables adequately sorted, labeled, and organized.

Spill-proof your toiletries with cling wrap

Lotions and liquid detergents are especially prone to leaking during your move. Purchase a roll of cling wrap and seal the containers with it before placing their lids back on top. This prevents any contents from spilling during your drive. You can also place cotton balls on top of makeup palettes to prevent them from cracking.

Use bags for clothes and textiles

Most people wrongly assume that the only way to properly transport clothing is to fold them up and place them into boxes. Instead, leave them on their respective hangers, bundle them together with a zip tie, and place your stacks inside large trash bags for protection. This allows you to instantly place your clothes into their new closet when you arrive.

Carpets and area rugs should be rolled and tied together to keep their shape. Then, simply side a plastic bag or tarp over them to offer adequate protection.

Avoid stacking fragile items

Pots and pans made of metal are easy to transport as all you need is some newspaper to keep them separated before boxing them up. However, for fragile dishware, make sure to store them standing on their edges vertically and wrap each piece separately using bubble wrap or cushion foam. It helps to store them like vinyl records as it prevents undue breakage. For smaller items, you can easily house them inside larger bowls.

Artwork and mirrors should get placed into thin mirror boxes and any breakable glass should have cardboard taped over it before being wrapped. Using your packing tape to create an X shape over glass can also prevent breakage.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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