Brainly Speaks: How To Work With Your Students At Home

Brainly Speaks: How To Work With Your Students At Home
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By Brainly
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 67% of students under the age of 18 experienced a switch from in-person to remote learning during the pandemic – giving parents a first-hand look at what teachers and homeschoolers experience daily.
Leading homework help platform, Brainly, has become a go-to tool for homeschool and virtual learning parents, instructors, and students alike by providing direct access to live online tutors, a network of student peers and teachers, as well as digital textbooks they can utilize for individualized homework help.
Brainly is looking to share their top tips for parents and homeschoolers on how to best integrate school work and learning into their child’s home life!

Encourage Exploration

Author of At Home With Holly, Holly Chub, suggests, “Learning can happen anywhere you are comfortable… If you are going stir crazy, read in the backyard. Do math lessons on the couch. Things like cooking can teach measurements and calculations.” Integrating a mix of real-world applications with traditional lessons is one of the many perks of homeschooling and should be utilized as such.

Know What’s Expected and What’s Available

Platforms such as Brainly provide access to current curriculum-based questions and materials but can be paired with websites such as and LearnZillion to integrate a more targeted plan for your young learners based on their current interests.

Be Flexible

Set a schedule, but allow for changes as needed. Whether in school or at home, your student needs a moment of free time.
If your child is having difficulty focusing on the task at hand, you can utilize platforms such as Brainly to provide an educational “break”. Brainly allows students to post questions, prompts, and quizzes for their peers to assist them with. This is a great time for your child to continue schoolwork and the ability to share their knowledge to assist other students!

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