How to Homeschool: New Book Provides Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

How to Homeschool: New Book Provides Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Homeschooling has surged in popularity, especially during the last couple of years, and is the fast-growing choice for parents seeking an empowering alternative to traditional classroom-based or online school learning.

But how can parents know if homeschooling is the right choice for their children?
And when they decide it is, how can they get a good understanding of what methods of learning may best suit their individual children?

“Most parents starting out homeschooling want to know the best methods and how to avoid making classic mistakes. The pitfalls can be many,” says Miguel Varella-Cid, who has successfully homeschooled his two children.

Miguel Varella-Cid, and his wife, Yuko,

have explored the options for years and applied homeschooling methods based on nurturing children’s individual passions to help them learn much more than they would at school. They share the methods they use in the new book, How to Homeschool: A Guide for Progressive Parents.

In it, Miguel Varella-Cid answers commonly asked questions from new homeschooling parents, explores the pros and cons of free homeschooling, examines what makes children smart, shares seven steps to homeschooling success, and much more.

Along the way,

Varella-Cid introduces fun and exciting ideas that he says will open doors for rapid progress in children. He uses many examples he and his wife used with their own children to illustrate how their techniques facilitate a child’s individual passions and abilities while helping the child attain fruitful academic progress.

“In a naturally enchanting and enjoyable environment, their learning cannot fail to thrive,” he adds. “The contents of this book are up-to-date, refreshingly well written and researched, with poignant relevance to the many challenges parents are facing today.”

Geoff Edwards, Founder of Education Otherwise in the United Kingdom, had this to say about How to Homeschool: “Of all the books I have read on homeschooling, this is the most empowering of them all. Brimming with wisdom from impassioned learning, it’ll inspire the best in your children.”

About the Authors

Miguel and his wife, Yuko, have created and gained much recognition in Japan for the unique homeschooling methods they have developed. He and his family regularly present at educational events, and more recently, on NHK Television.

For more information, please visit (website will be live in mid-March).

How to Homeschool
Publisher: Panoma Press
Release Date: February 16, 2022
ISBN-13: 978-1784529659
Available online and from all good bookstores

*Photos and cover courtesy of Miquel Varella-Cid

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