Essential Steps You Should Take When Bitten by a Dog

Essential Steps You Should Take When Bitten by a Dog

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Dogs are friendly animals that people cherish and keep as pets, but they can harm other people. Whether you know the dog’s owner or are familiar with it does not always guarantee your safety.

Dog bites can cause injuries such as rabies, scratches, lacerations, and emotional trauma, which can be severe, leading to critical medical care, including skin grafts, counseling, plastic surgery, and physical therapy. Medical treatment can be very expensive as they take your time, money, and even your ability to work.

This article will guide you on the steps you should take when bitten by a dog in Atlanta. If you do not reside in the Atlanta area, consider contacting an attorney local to you, specifically those who reside in Michigan and beyond.

Do a First Aid Procedure

The first step you should do after a dog bite is to press the wound gently to try and remove as much bacteria as you can. This is important to help reduce the spread of rabies if the dog has not been vaccinated. Wash the wound with clean water and pressure the wound to prevent further blood loss. It would be best if you changed the bandage often.

Seek Medical Attention

Most people assume that since they have done the first aid, there is no need for medical treatment which ends them in a more severe condition. When you are bitten and perform first aid, go to the nearest hospital and seek help. The doctors may inquire if the dog is infected or not to be able to determine which antibiotics to give you. They will also clean the wound, stitch it and give you a booster shot if you need one.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney

After a dog bites getting justice is what most people want. The medical bills can be overwhelming, and as a victim, it can be hard to get services as they are bills you had not planned. To ensure you are on the right path to seeking justice, you must consider hiring an Atlanta personal injury attorney (if you reside in Atlanta), to help you build a strong case and get compensated. A good attorney will guide you through the steps you need to take and enlighten you on how to deal with such cases. You can also consider calling the police and animal service to prevent such incidences.

Exchange Information with Dog Owner

To get justice, you need to have the owner’s information. You can inquire about the dog’s history for the sake of medical treatment. You can know which medication to take and if the dog has bitten other people with this information.

Collect Evidence

When bitten by a dog, try collecting the evidence of everything happening to you. Take pictures of the wound and the dog that bite you. It’s also vital to have a medical report and the bills you incurred during the whole process. The more the evidence, the more likely you are to win the case and get compensated. It’s also vital that you keep the clothes you wore when the accident occurred and write every detail of what happened that day.

File Case

Tell your attorney all the details and give them the evidence you have to represent and file a case for you. Having a good attorney will ensure you get a fair hearing in the court and compensation for the damages caused.


Following the above steps will ensure you get compensated for the dog bite. Ensure you write everything down as it happened and hire a well-qualified lawyer to represent you and guide you.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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