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July 4th is Independence Day, but your pet may take it literally and go missing. More pets are reported missing during the July 4th weekend than any other time of the year.

Veterinarian & Social Media Influencer Dr. Adam Christman Discusses Importance of Microchipping & Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Fourth of July events, summer travel, and outdoor activities are top priorities for many this time of year, but some pet parents may also be wondering how to help their pets cope with certain summer activities.

Fourth of July in particular

can be an anxious time for our furry friends. In fact, more pets go missing during this time than any other day of the year. Firework noises may cause them to panic and flee. The flow of people in and out of homes during backyard barbecues can provide the opportunity to slip out the door.

Kids playing in the yard can leave a gate unlocked with access to a fence-free world. While the thought of a pet getting lost can be scary, having them microchipped and registered in a database greatly increases your chances of being reunited with them should they ever go missing?

While many are familiar with pet microchipping,

they may not realize that microchipping alone will not protect their pets. A pet’s microchip number must be registered in a database and connected to contact information in order to facilitate reunions. Unregistered microchips are one of the main reasons owners are not reunited with their pets, along with incorrect or disconnected phone numbers.

Join me in a recent interview with Dr. Adam Christman,

a veterinarian and social media influencer (with 814K followers on TikTok), as he talked about the importance of microchipping and database registration and to remind pet parents to update their contact information this summer. Dr. Christman also shares pet summer health and wellness tips, such as:

  • How to calm pet anxiety around firework noises
  • Which summer BBQ foods to keep out of your pet’s reach and what to do if they eat any of them
  • Signs of heat stroke and how to prevent it
  • How to introduce your pet to new people during holiday gatherings

See the entire interview here:  Pet Recovery – MichiganMamaNews – YouTube

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