The ULTIMATE Secret of Advertising Your Business

The ULTIMATE Secret of Advertising Your Business

Have a business? You’ve come to the right place. Did you know that there is a secret, an ULTIMATE secret of how you can advertise your business?

It contains not worrying about breaking the bank and spending money you don’t have just to get it noticed. It’s simple, really. “What is it”, you may be asking?

The ultimate secret of advertising is utilizing mom blogs like this one.


It’s more personal and more affordable! What kind of advertising can be done on mom blogs?

  • Banner Advertising
  • Promotional Articles
  • Sponsored posts (through Instagram, Facebook, etc)
  • Business Listings
  • Mom and Dad Business Showcase (a blog highlight about the biz with links, pics, etc).

So many opportunities! As a mom blogger, I love spreading the word about businesses (USA-made) and have been doing this since my teenage daughters were itty-bitties. It’s a passion of mine.

I think one of the biggest advertising secrets of all is PRODUCT REVIEWS! Do you have a product or service? I love trying them out and sharing them with our readers. It’s a win-win opportunity on top of the other options available.

Here at Michigan Mama News, we do offer advertising bundles and packages as well that best suits your needs and budget. If interested in advertising your business in an affordable way, contact me at for a quote and we will get your business noticed!

Let’s get you ready to SHINE!!


Lindsey Jenn

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