4 Outdoor Additions to Keep the Little Ones Safe

4 Outdoor Additions to Keep the Little Ones Safe

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Summer is the best time of year to get your children outside to play and explore. However, before spending time in your backyard, it’s necessary to make it safe first. Here are some additions that can help provide a safe place for all your kids’ summer adventures.

Install Fencing

Do you have a pool, spa, or garden that you want to keep off-limits to the kids? Kids are quick and can wander away even if they’re being supervised. Gates and fences can help keep hazardous areas off-limits. If using gates, lock them. Install a tall fence to keep kids out of pools and spas. Consider fencing in gardens, woodpiles, and any other place your child might get hurt while playing outside.

Maximize Deck Safety

Decks are a great place to relax and enjoy company during the summer months. A wood deck needs sanding to prevent splinters from getting into small feet. Also, consider making some safety additions to your deck. Even if your deck is only two feet off the ground, it creates a fall hazard. Consider adding a railing to the deck. Aluminum deck railing kits make the job easy, and you can rest easier knowing your little one won’t tumble from the deck. Always install a durable railing that will not warp when leaned on. Gates are another excellent addition, and keep them locked. If the grill is on the deck, block it off from curious little hands.

Make Gym Equipment Safer

Most kids, at some point, want to swing so high to touch the clouds. However, falls from swings and other outdoor play equipment can be very serious. Consider adding safe material to your play area to help prevent injuries from trips and spills. There are several options. Wood playground mulch is a safe and relatively inexpensive option for swing sets. The mulch is slip-resistant and drains moisture. A better option is a rubber playground mulch. The initial cost is higher than wood mulch, but it doesn’t require as much maintenance or replacement.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

No parent can be everywhere all the time. Installing security cameras around your backyard can help you watch the kids. Place sensors on gates to alert you when someone is trying to open them. These sensors will also be able to alert you if someone is trying to enter your property.

For your peace of mind, make outdoor safety a priority this summer. By adding some of these safety precautions, you will create a haven for those long summer days. There is nothing better than a summer full of fun memories.

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