The 5 Sweetest Birthday Cards for Grandparents

The 5 Sweetest Birthday Cards for Grandparents

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Grandparents are probably some of the very few people in the world who love us unconditionally.

For putting up with our tantrums as kids and moving heaven and earth to fulfill every little one of our wishes, grandparents deserve to be celebrated.

Well, then what’s a better occasion to celebrate them other than their birthdays? Birthdays are a special time for everyone and while they may not show it, our grandparents are patiently waiting to be pampered on their birthdays every year.

While we are certain that you must’ve taken care of the celebrations, we’re here to help you pick the best birthday cards for your grandfather and grandmother.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top grandparent cards to help you surprise your grandparents and make their day special.

1. Granny Pig Birthday Card

Starting off the list with one of the cutest birthday cards for grandmother, we bring you the Granny Pig Birthday Card.

If you and your grandma watched Peppa Pig together (Or still do) then this is the perfect gift for her.

Not only will it show her how much you cherish your time together, but also remind her of all the good times you had while watching the beloved cartoon.

2. Grandpa Two Dinosaurs Birthday Card

When we say the sweetest grandfather’s birthday cards, this is the one we’re talking about. While dinosaurs aren’t typically cute animals, in this charming birthday card, they will certainly make you go, “Aww.”

With the sweet drawing of a grandpa dinosaur and a grandchild dinosaur just hanging out together, this birthday card is perfect for a roar-some grandpa.

The cover page comes with the words, “For a Roar-some Grandpa, A Grandpa as kind and caring as you…” This is then completed on the page inside with the words, “…deserves to be celebrated the whole year through! Happy Birthday!!

3. Bat-Nan Birthday Card

Probably one of the coolest grandmother birthday cards to have ever existed, the Bat-Nan card is certainly going to put a smile on your Nan’s face.

The front page has a dynamite Nan dressed up in the Bat costume holding a cane and coffee in her hands, as she walks through the dark, dreary night saving kids from candy.

This fun birthday card comes with a blank space inside for you to be able to write your own personalized message and make her feel special.

4. Photographic Humour Grandad Birthday Card

Here’s one of the most hilariously accurate birthday cards for grandfather. The cover page comes with a picture of an old man sleeping while he leans on a wall.

The funny text on the page reads as follows: “Happy Birthday Grandad!” … “I’m not asleep, I’m just resting my eyes! mumbled Grandad, unaware that the family had moved him outside hours ago because of his snoring.”

Not only will this make your grandad laugh out loud but also put a smile on his face after reading your personalized message on the inside.

5. Grandma’s Birthday Floral Text Card

Written in a wonderfully elegant floral text the words, “Happy Birthday GRANDMA” shine through the cover page of this amazing birthday card.

Specially designed to make your grandma’s birthday incredible, this beautiful pink card is one of the most perfect birthday cards for a grandmother.

Moreover, the text on the inside that reads, “Sending the biggest birthday wishes to a grandma who’s special in so many ways. Enjoy Your Day.” is bound to enhance the beauty of the card.


We just looked at some of the sweetest grandparent cards that you can use to surprise your beloved grandma and grandpa on their birthdays.

With these amazing ideas, we are confident that you will pick the best birthday cards for your grandfather and grandmother.

We hope this article helps you make your grandparents’ birthdays all the more special and unique.

After all, the people who always made us feel like we’re the most special person in the world deserve an incredible celebration.

We hope the day brings you closer to your grandparents and makes your bond much stronger. All the best!


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