How to Plan a Kids Party on a Budget

How to Plan a Kids Party on a Budget

 By Jennifer James

There’s no parent that wouldn’t want to throw the best birthday party for their child. What is unavoidable is the cost that will incur to make this happen. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can think outside of the box to save money on your next party. Here are five ways that you can plan a party while still sticking to a budget.

Choose the Venue Carefully

When it comes to saving money, your choice of location is key. If having a party at home is not an option for you, taking the bash outside will likely yield the biggest cost savings. Many public parks offer pavilions to rent for a nominal cost, allowing you to have the party outside while still having a designated event space.

If you choose to host the party at an indoor play area, be sure to be mindful of extra costs that the venue will try to convince you to purchase. These add-ons do not always add much more fun to the party and should be carefully priced out before committing to the extra cost. You can also save money by choosing a venue that allows you to bring in your own food and drinks.

Avoid Mealtimes

One of the biggest expenses associated with throwing a party is the cost of the food. You can significantly bring down your food budget by planning a party that avoids prime meal times. For example, timing your party for the mid-afternoon will avoid you feeling obligated to provide lunch or dinner. Instead, you can offer snacks or a sweets buffet. If you feel strongly about providing a meal to your guests, breakfast is generally less expensive than lunch or dinner. A mid-morning brunch is a fun idea that will save you money and provide a unique party theme. For example, kids will love the fun of a pancake buffet with various toppings.

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Rent What You Cannot Afford to Purchase

Do not make the mistake of assuming that you need to go out and buy everything that you need to pull off a great party. There are numerous retailers that provide party rental services. For example, it may be less expensive to rent the serving ware, dishes, and chairs for the party.  The key to making this work is to be sure they offer good service. According to Kinney Group Events, a facility specializing in AV Rentals in NYC, it is so important for clients to seek out companies that will provide “reliable equipment that helps [them] stage and run events.” Many companies provide this myriad of equipment and tools for you to rent for your next big bash for an affordable price.

Funnel Your Money Where it Counts

It is good to remember that kids do not focus on the details that an adult may find important. For example, no child will likely remember the fancy invite that came in the mail. Funneling your party budget to the elements that kids appreciate will make the biggest impact. Kids tend to remember the experience more than the little details such as decorations. Keeping this in mind, you are better off focusing your spending on the venue or activities instead of decorations, invitations, or the perfect food menu. You do not need fancy decorations or food to impress kids. All that you need is a lot of fun.

Make Decorations or Activities Serve Double Duty

Savvy party planners understand the benefit of making your decorations or activities serve double duty. Instead of spending a lot of money on party favors for each child to take home, consider giving them a bouquet of balloons as a parting gift. These balloons will double as decorations during the actual event, saving you money in the process. You can also make the party activities double as take-home gifts. For example, a great garden party theme is allowing each child to plant a flower and paint a pot to take home.

A straightforward but interesting photo booth is another option. You can incorporate props and costumes such as toy swords and varied renaissance attire, or you can keep it simple with face accessories in a dowel. This is an easy way to entertain guests without expensive or complicated games, plus it’s always fun to have all the kids dress up and take a selfie before they go home at the end of the night.

One expense will cover both the entertainment for the party and the party favor, saving you loads of money as a result.

With a little creativity, you can plan an epic party for your favorite kids without breaking the bank. Focus on what really matters to your child and use that as the inspiration for the big event.

Bio: Jennifer graduated from Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism. She enjoys spending time on the beach, traveling to new parts of the world, or finding new outdoor excursions with her husband. She is a proactive and hardworking individual always seeking new collaborations!

Jennifer James

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