Insta Worthy Birthday Props for Baby Season!

Insta Worthy Birthday Props for Baby Season!

Baby season is booming! What better way to start a tradition, especially with so many birthdays in August?

After two years of drive-by birthday parties and Zoom celebrations, it’s time to make kids’ birthdays way more magical! Fashion designer turned beautiful space maker Kristen Plumb is here to help. Dubbed the CEO of Celebrations for her passion for creating beautiful spaces for family celebrations, Plumb has launched Britsy Bean, a line of birthday décor items perfect for celebrating every birthday sweetie in style, including the:

Britsy Bean Birthday Countdown Calendar – $65

Start a magical tradition with your child! Move the candle on this birthday cake calendar from pocket to pocket to count down to the big day. Bring the calendar out year after year to make deliciously sweet birthday memories.

Britsy Bean Birthday Banner – $58

Easy to hang, this beautiful banner can be placed anywhere in the house – including on the birthday child’s bedroom door the night before their birthday! Banner includes Velcro numbers 1-12 so it lasts year after year.

Birthday Photo Prop – $30

Snap a shot of your birthday star year after year holding this adorable photo prop and watch your gorgeous kiddo grow from year to year! Includes Velcro numbers 1-12 to document every age.

The time to start a sweet tradition like this is with baby’s very first birthday! Share this sweet set of products, available on Britsy Bean, with your followers today and help them make the birthday memories that last a lifetime.

*Photos courtesy of Britsy Bean

Cynthia Tait

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