The Rainbow Fish Celebrates 30th Birthday with Two NEW Books!

The Rainbow Fish Celebrates 30th Birthday with Two NEW Books!

The Rainbow Fish is celebrating his 30th birthday with two brand-new books:

A sparkling adventure about a swaggering teller of tall tales and how to deal with false information, as well as a huge collection of stories with glitter on every page. All the adventures are now available as audio files.

Do you need to store your Rainbow Fish books? There is a solid solution.

In Rainbow Fish and the Storyteller, Rainbow Fish meets a new friend, Humbert, and isn’t sure what to think. Humbert tells all kinds of strange stories.

But before Rainbow Fish and his friends panic, they realize that Humbert just likes to make up tall tales. Rainbow Fish and his friends soon come up with a clever idea that brings harmony to the group. Rainbow Fish tackles another universal issue – lying and exaggeration – with a fresh multi-generational appeal.

On sale 11 Oct. 2022.

Preview here.

The new collection, The Rainbow Fish and His Friends, features five favorite Rainbow Fish stories
including the beloved original, never before released in a collection.

Children will love helping Rainbow Fish in each story as he follows his heart, summons his courage, saves the day, and makes new friends!

Activities at the back of the book add to the fun.

On sale 11 Oct. 2022

Preview here.

30 years ago, a little fish with glittering scales set out on a long journey across the wide ocean. It took him into millions of homes and into the hearts of children all over the world. Among other things, the Rainbow Fish has learned that sharing his glittering scales is far more enjoyable than keeping them all for himself.

The author and illustrator Marcus Pfister once said: “I love the fact that Rainbow Fish is not a typical hero. It’s human, makes mistakes just as we do, and then tries to learn from them.” In a world that sometimes seems completely topsy-turvy, a wise and positive character like the Rainbow Fish remains a hero in the hearts of children by finding peaceful solutions to problems.

Take story time wherever you go with the Rainbow Fish audio collection! All the Rainbow Fish adventures are now available as an audio download. Listen to all the stories and hear songs sung by award winning narrator Taylor Meskimen.

Tales of the Rainbow Fish
Narrated and sung by Taylor Meskimen

Audio link available soon! Listen to a sneak preview here.

Now it’s easy to share and store books with our Rainbow Fish folding box, perfect for the classroom or nursery. Also available is the special anniversary UNFOLDED magazine, featuring an interview with Marcus Pfister, additional information on the series, and a full-size Rainbow Fish poster. Free copies can be ordered here.
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