Top 4 Tips for Securing an Adoption

Top 4 Tips for Securing an Adoption

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By Lizzie Weakley

Now that you have decided to adopt a child, the real work begins. Even though you know you will be a great parent, you will still have to convince not only folks at the adoption agency but also a judge. While this can initially sound overwhelming and very intimidating, it is actually much easier than it sounds. Since there are so many children in need of good homes, courts and agencies are always eager to see success stories. To make sure your adoption goes smoothly, here are four tips you should follow.

Have Realistic Expectations

First, whether you are adopting a baby or an older child, always go into your adoption process with realistic expectations. Remember, raising a child will be hard work, and you and the child will encounter more than a few hurdles along the way. By talking with personnel from the adoption agency, you can temper your idealism with a few doses of reality.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Since this will be one of the most important moments in your life, always hire an attorney who specializes in family law and has handled previous adoptions successfully through the years. Once you contact professionals like John D Wieser Esq, PC for a consultation, you can learn about various documentation that will be needed, how long the process should take, and help with any problems you could potentially encounter along the way.

Lean on Family and Friends

Since even the easiest adoptions can take weeks or months before everything is finalized, be willing to lean on your family and friends for moral and emotional support. After all, if you are frustrated and feel the need to vent, it is better to do it with family and friends than with your case worker at the adoption agency. Should you let your emotions get out of control, the adoption could be nixed.

Be Flexible

As the adoption process plays out, always be willing to stay flexible in regards to the process. For example, even if you have submitted plenty of paperwork to the agency and courts, don’t be surprised if someone asks you for additional documentation. Also, remember that most deadlines are often changed in these situations. Rather than assume there is a problem of which you are not aware, stay positive and flexible while your adoption case works its way through the red tape.

If you keep these tips in mind, there is little doubt you will soon secure your adoption and find yourself on a new journey with a child who deserves plenty of love.

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