A Lifelong Imprint: 4 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Our Kids

A Lifelong Imprint: 4 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Our Kids

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As parents, we find ourselves in the midst of battle a lot of the time. Perhaps we’re trying to keep the children active or get them to do their homework, but in addition to all of the things that we think are essential for our kids, we’ve got to remember the importance of what it takes for them to be their true selves.

Creativity is something that is in everyone. So what does it really take for them to become more creative?

1. Give Them the Tools to Realize Their Talents

If your child is showing an affinity for something like music, give them a musical instrument, or if they are interested in painting, give them some paints and a canvas. The reality is that as long as you are within the right ballpark you can easily get them started.

Sometimes, our kids are not showing a very common interest in something that is deemed stereotypically “creative” and can benefit from something less grandiose, like printing out stickers and other items.

The fact is that there are tools like the Roland BN 20 VersaStudio that can help here too. Give them more tools, and you will guide them toward the thing that sparks their imagination.

2. Let Them Experiment

To ensure that your children are getting the most out of the creative process, you can let them go wild. Encouraging creativity does not have to relate to anything stereotypical like arts or music. Let them experiment with the things that really matter to them, as this is the one way their imaginations are going to fly.

The most important thing is that they start to experiment. We live in an age where, for some reason, we chastise people for being wrong all the time. The great thing about creativity is that there is no right and wrong, it’s all about expressing themselves. The more they express themselves, the better they are going to feel and be more comfortable with who they are.


3. Show Examples to Inspire

Whether it’s taking them to the museum or giving them more materials to paint better, the fact is that when it comes to being creative, the more inspiration you offer, the better your children are going to feel and are going to either match the efforts of the things they see or better them.

The great thing is if your child starts showing interest in something like music, there is a very rich tapestry that could very much align with their innate sensibilities. If they like to experiment with music and make weird noises, there’s a vast majority of genres that do this, from jazz to avant-garde.

4. Focus on the Process, Not the Final Product

We can never underestimate the importance of experimenting because we should always be making mistakes. Creative expression is about praising them, and when your child wants to create their own work, we need to take the time to praise the final effort, but also the process.

It’s so important to cultivate creativity in our children, not just because it can spark the imagination, but if we do it right, it will make an imprint that lasts their entire lives.

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