Seven Amenities You Should Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

Seven Amenities You Should Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

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External storage is a time and cost-saving alternative to emergency, short-term, and long-term needs. Thus essential amenities of a storage facility also depend upon your warehousing needs, the type of items, and storage duration.

For instance, 24 hours of access facility is essential to ensure convenience for customers and allow them to check, relocate, or retrieve their valuables whenever they want.

A storage unit must be waterproof and non-humid to prevent rusting in metallic items and electric appliances. Security is paramount for many customers to keep their expensive valuables in a safe place.

The flexibility to switch between short-term and long-term renting needs and vice versa is another essential amenity for many customers. These are just a few basic features of a well-functional and well-managed storage lending facility. And you will get these amenities from many storage service providers. But if you have other personalized specifications, note your requirements, search for facilities within your proximity or wherever you want rental services, and then ask different storage lenders.

The following sections explore some essentials you should not overlook while choosing a storage facility for personal or professional uses.

1. Location

Location is an essential feature of a storage unit if you have frequent accessibility needs. A storage facility lying miles away in a remote area is not beneficial, even if it is fully furnished, economical, and well-equipped.

Traveling to and fro a longer distance will eventually overshoot expenditures, waste time, and cause a needless fuss. You have to bear the cost of specialized transportation services while accessing and relocating delicate or heavy-duty items. Thus choose a storage facility that is easily accessible or close to your location.

For instance, airport storage in Salida, United States, is a convenient option for people who are frequently on the move. Such facilities offer a cost-effective and convenient storage solution to working professionals with frequent foreign work assignments, travel enthusiasts, business personnel, celebrities, or sportspersons.

They can keep and carry their luggage, suitcases, and other items of routine usage right before their departure without worrying about transportation and packaging.

2. Variable storage space

Variable size is an essential feature of a storage unit. Scalable and expandable units offer convenience when keeping valuables of varying sizes and dimensions in one place rather than seeking storage facilities in different warehouses. And a perfect lender should cater to your needs and accommodate customization and scalability.

But before weighing various storage options, evaluate your space requirements. Tidy up your items in storable boxes and packages and measure dimensions to get a rough idea of the needed storage space.

Once you have an idea, discuss your needs with the management of your top-picked choices. Approximate space measurements will also help you negotiate an affordable deal with the storage lender.

3. Temperature and humidity control

Temperature and humidity can cause damage to sensitive, perishable, flammable, or corrosive items and products. For instance, eatables, medicines, plants, flowers, chemicals, fuels, or temperature-sensitive equipment and appliances have specific atmospheric regulation requirements.

A dry, cold, and covered container packaging is necessary to maintain the freshness of perishable food items. Refreezing and defrosting cooked and raw food increase the likelihood of food poisoning.

Likewise, extreme temperature and humidity can cause electrostatic discharge, corrosion, thermal leakage, and other malfunctions in electric appliances and electrical equipment. Extreme atmospheric conditions can also lead to accidents and combustion in units storing flammable fuels and chemicals.

Thus choose a facility with functional and viable measures to control extreme climatic conditions. Temperature and humidity regulation is necessary if your warehousing needs are lengthy. But mind that such a versatile facility would be more expensive than a simple storage unit.

4. Affordable rental charges

Many customers choose external storage as an economical alternative to fulfill short-term needs like decluttering space, keeping valuables safe while on the move, or shifting to another residential location.

The trade-off of rental charges with trouble-free handling of luggage and valuables is only advantageous if it satisfies needs within the affordable expenditure. It is a costly investment to rent out a space whose monthly rent charges exceed the value of the storable items.

If your needs are long-term, buying a storage facility would offer more benefits than renting a private unit. Thus explore various options, negotiate with space lenders, and choose a cost-effective facility. Get a detailed description of what includes in rental changes. Ask the storage facility’s management if they are penalized for delaying monthly rent payments.

What are the prerequisites if you intend to extend the storage period? Clarify all your doubts with other relevant questions, as the awareness of obligatory terms and conditions is necessary to prevent unexpected surcharges and penalties.

5. Security and surveillance

Security and surveillance features of a storage unit are among the most demanding requirements from customers and tenants. People expect the safety and security measures and protocols of the rented storage unit should be no less than their private residences and warehouses.

As theft and robbery incidents are prevalent everywhere, fears and doubts are legitimate. Thus do not underestimate the intelligence and tactics of modern-day robbers and intruders. A security guard is not enough to frighten or deter them away.

Hence, check if the storage facility has well-guarded entry points, sturdy boundary walls, security cameras, an alarm and detection system, digital locks, and a security monitoring team. Ask them if they can allow access to surveillance footage for customers’ ease and comfort.

This way, you can monitor your properties and observe the efficacy of their safeguarding protocols.

6. A well-lit and pleasant environment

Pleasant ambiance and lightning are not merely cosmetic needs in a storage unit. Both features facilitate the loading, offloading, accessibility, monitoring, identification, and retrieval of valuables.

Thus at least a well-lit hallway, illuminated ceilings, and a lighting option inside or near a storage unit are not extravagant demands from customers. Otherwise, you cannot expect quality customer service and safe handling of storage units if the facility relies on ambient light without any alternative to nighttime darkness.

They may also be negligent on other essential measures like security, surveillance, and cleanliness. Renting a warehouse unit in such facilities is risky. Thus check if they have an uninterrupted electricity supply for lightning or other backups in case of power outages.

7. Fumigation and sanitation facilities

Warehouses and storage spaces are rent-free residences for pests, bugs, insects, rodents, and microbes. Minimum human interference and access to storage facilities offer them an unbothered abode to feed, colonize, and multiply. But their presence and growth can damage your valuables.

It is dangerous to keep consumable, perishable, fresh, and edible items like medicines, food, and plants in a storage unit that lacks hygiene and sanitization. You cannot even ensure the safety of fabric, sturdy electronic appliances, and wood material in the presence of beetles, rodents, and wood-eating insects. Hence, ensure the storage facility has proper management measures for cleanliness, sanitization, and fumigation.


Renting an external storage unit is an investment you should not haste before evaluating different options. Start by identifying your specific needs and then extend your search for a suitable storage unit.

But mind that not every storage lender can satisfy all personalized demands under a standard service category. They can arrange customized features and amenities if you have flexible affordability. Hence, convey your requirements and check their packages before making a final deal.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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