Is Becoming A Family Nurse Practitioner The Best Career Move For Nurses?

Is Becoming A Family Nurse Practitioner The Best Career Move For Nurses?

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Nursing is a respected and rewarding job role; however, many registered nurses are looking to push their careers in care even further. They may feel that their long and tiring hours deserve better income prospects, or perhaps they’re just ready to focus on a new direction to take their skills and qualifications.

There is currently a critical need for more family nurse practitioners across the country, already making the role an appealing option as this opens up a variety of locations and teams within which to work.

The reason many people get into nursing is because of their desire to care for others. Becoming an FNP is a patient-centered role, meaning that individuals can be involved with long-term care and there’s always opportunities to build relationships.

With the autonomy and freedom of more responsibilities; FNPs can expect an increase in their income, ensuring the role is both personally and financially rewarding.

After working unsociable hours; a nurse can find more of a work/life balance, as FNPs tend to work within more traditional hours. This will more than likely have a welcome ripple effect on the rest of a person’s life, leading to job satisfaction and greater fulfillment.

If you’re considering a career move, or are interested to learn more about becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner; the following infographic summarizes how nurses can elevate their career path, clearly.

Marymount University has a variety of pathways to achieve your nursing goals; the following infographic concisely informs you how to access the information.

Infographic designed by: Marymount University Online


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