Senior Pets Find Forever Homes During National Adopt a Senior Pet Month -Interview

Senior Pets Find Forever Homes During National Adopt a Senior Pet Month -Interview

Adoption Fees Reimbursed During November for Shelter Pets Ages 5+!

There are endless benefits to adopting a senior pet – most are potty trained, have a well-mannered, calmer demeanor and have a wealth of knowledge from all the years they’ve been on the earth.

Simply put, senior pets are smarter than their younger counterparts. Yet, senior dogs only have a 25% adoption rate compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger dogs and puppies.

This November, in honor of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, Stella & Chewy’s, the category leader in the raw pet food space, is making senior pet adoptions easy and accessible by offering adoption fee reimbursement for any senior pet ages 5+ rescued from shelters across the U.S. and Canada.

Join me in a recent interview with founder of Stella & Chewy’s, Marie Moody, as she was available to discuss:

●      Her own pet adoption journey – how her dogs Stella and Chewy, who were both adopted from shelters, helped not only inspire the brand, but ignited her passion for pet nutrition and pet adoption

●      The joys and benefits of adopting adult and senior pets – they’re often smarter than younger dogs and cats, with just as much (if not more) raw, unfiltered love to give their families

●      The urgency for people to adopt senior pets due to the recent surge in homeless animals, as pet owners return to work and fall short on caretaking responsibilities

●      How current and potential pet parents can participate in National Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November, and potentially share the holidays with a new and loving four-legged family member

See the entire interview here:  (110) SENIOR PETS FIND FOREVER HOMES – YouTube

For more information go to Adopt | Stella & Chewy’s ( 


About Marie Moody

Marie Moody is the founder of Stella & Chewy’s, the leader in raw and natural pet food. She combined her passion for animals with her entrepreneurial spirit and established the company in 2003 after adopting a sick dog named Chewy. Following her veterinarian’s advice, Marie began feeding Chewy, as well as her other dog Stella, a raw diet and saw their health drastically improve. 

From there, Marie decided to pursue pet nutrition and started Stella & Chewy’s in her small Brooklyn kitchen before setting out to grow the brand and bring this natural diet to pet parents across the country. Nearly 20 years later, Stella & Chewy’s is now a company of 500+ employees headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and can be found in more than 6,000 neighborhood pet stores across the country, as well as at online retailers.

 Interview courtesy of: Stella & Chewy’s

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