Join the Holiday Kids Baking Challenge!!

Join the Holiday Kids Baking Challenge!!

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Veggies vs. Dessert…which side wins at your house…

…if the kids are making the call?

The holidays are a tough time for healthy eating, especially when kids really just want to bake fun foods!

(If they want to get into the kitchen at all!)

Maybe…just this once…we should do something I don’t normally recommend.

What if we give them what they want?

When kids want to bake cookies, cakes, bars, and other goodies, we parents often worry about 3 things:

  1. Our waistlines
  2. Our kids’ sugar intake
  3. The mess they’ll make (and what if they ruin the recipe?)

It’s great that the child is interested in the kitchen, but sometimes we just want to say:

“No honey, I just don’t have the energy.”

Problem: If we teach them the kitchen is no place for them, they won’t want to help us with other cooking tasks —

My friend Katie Kimball can help.

She’s taught almost 50,000 kids through her cooking classes at Kids Cook Real Food, and this November, she’s calling all those kids who just want to bake.

Good news: This won’t be a food-coloring-sugar-high-sprinkle-fest with one-inch thick frosting!

(Did you see the “Real” in her class name?)

Katie’s enrolling kids NOW in a new Holiday Baking Challenge!

Your kids can build basic skills they’ll need for all the recipes they “search up” to feed their sweet tooth, BUT the recipes demonstrated in the lessons are leveled up, including:

  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables
  • Less sweetener

Huzza whaaaaa???

That’s right, and it’s all still baking.

Katie’s 4 kids join her for pro-filmed videos so you all can learn “together”!

It’s like MasterChef Jr. meets Kids Baking Championship meets Kale…and they all get along. 🙂

If you’re ready for your kids to gain baking independence without sacrificing all the healthy standards you value:


Baking or cooking with kids in the kitchen is dear to my heart as I always enjoyed including my three girls ever since they were little. My middle daughter now 16, enjoys it the most. You can find her in the kitchen several times a week baking something. =)

Let’s bake together this Holiday season. Enjoy!




PS – Getting in the kitchen with a purpose is a perfect way to sandwich Thanksgiving! If your kids could bake the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie…wouldn’t that be amazing? Check out the Kids Cook Real Food Holiday Baking Challenge!

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