Is Your Property Tax Assessment Worth Appealing? Free Virtual Program for Michiganders on Feb. 7

Is Your Property Tax Assessment Worth Appealing? Free Virtual Program for Michiganders on Feb. 7

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Gesher Human Services Helps Homeowners Decide 

Program helps Michigan homeowners avoid overpaying on their mortgages to keep monthly costs as low as possible while coping with inflation.

Michiganders balancing their mortgage bills with food and other increased inflation costs can join a free, virtual program on Tuesday Feb. 7 offered by Gesher Human Services, one of the largest human service agencies in metro Detroit. “Is Your Property Tax Assessment Worth Appealing?” will be held from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Zoom and will explain why it is important not to ignore your property tax assessment or assume the assessed value is accurate.

In the City of Detroit,

a new tool was announced in October 2022 to help residents understand the property taxes on their homes and to help them avoid being over-assessed. Homeowners are encouraged to know if their assessment has risen, because an increase can result in hundreds more dollars a year on mortgage bills and homeowners need tools for grounds to appeal. To register for the Feb. 7 program go to the events page at or click here.

“Homeowners see the words ‘This is Not a Tax Bill’ which is stated on the property tax assessment and frequently just file the document for taxes, and then it completely leaves their mind,” explained Financial Capability Manager Laltsha Cunningham.

“However, while the taxes are escrowed into mortgage payments the vast majority of the time, you are still going to end up paying more if your property tax assessment has increased.  Homeowners will either need to find the money to pay that extra amount out-of-pocket, or will be faced with an increased monthly mortgage payment which can really hurt their budget, especially with gas and food costs being so high right now.”

 Cunningham said that property assessments.

can go up when houses sold in your neighborhood have jumped in price. However, you need to compare that sold price with the value of your own home, which might have different numbers of bathrooms, bedrooms, and less home improvements.  

Her tips for understanding and reviewing your assessment include:

· Read your assessment letter carefully; tax bills are calculated by multiplying your home assessed value by the local tax rate.

· Decide if a property tax appeal is worth your time.

· Check the data – make sure the information about your home is correct.

· Get comparisons for houses in your area, to assess your house’s accurate worth.

· Present your case for review; use your information and documentation to provide a valid argument against the assessment.

· Review decisions can be appealed, but appeal boards can only lower assessments not tax rates, and there is always the possibility they could increase an assessment.

To start an appeal process, you will need to check your property tax assessor’s website.

“There you will find appeal forms, pre-appeal consultations, and acceptable forms of documentation to make a claim. In addition, there may also be a useful online tool too to conduct a self-assessment of your property,” explained Cunningham. “Be organized and present your evidence and make sure you attend any hearings. It really could pay to read your property tax assessments carefully this year.”

For those who need more individualized financial counseling, Gesher Human Services offers one-on-one free counseling. Email or call 248-233-4299.


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