The Benefits of International Travel for Your Kids

The Benefits of International Travel for Your Kids

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Anyone who’s traveled internationally, knows the impact it can make on how you view the world, and that’s even more true for kids. When the young and impressionable experience life outside their own country, it immerses them in something larger than their normal day-to-day routines, and their perspectives shift. Traveling facilitates life-changing memories and connections. It forever expands a person’s understanding of the world. If you have the opportunity to take your kids overseas, don’t miss out on it! Here are just a few of the benefits that come from traveling internationally as a family:

1. Making the foreign familiar.

It’s one thing to hear about a country on the news; it’s another to walk the streets of that nation for yourself. Travel gives your kids a window into a world unlike their own. They will have the opportunity to smell new foods, meet different people, use foreign money and hear strange languages.

As they see you enjoying the adventure of going somewhere new, they learn to be curious and interested in the novel things that they’re experiencing. The foreign becomes familiar, and the world seems to shrink. They realize not only how they differ from other people, but also how much they have in common. Later in life, when someone talks about a conflict overseas or a natural disaster on another continent, it becomes much more personal because they’ve traveled where that event occurs.

2. Providing context for history.

As your kids are growing up, history makes up a big part of their education. While they’ll learn the story of their own country, they’ll also memorize facts about world leaders and events that took place all over the globe. Traveling brings those stories and names to life. It gives you an opportunity to provide more context to dates and facts.

You can stroll together through the Roman Colosseum, ride camels near the ancient pyramids, visit the beaches of Normandy while you talk about World War II or deep dive into one of the Seven Wonders of the World at the Taj Mahal. The point is, bringing your child to international destinations immerses them in historical sites that have marked the story of humanity. This will forever change the way they think.

3. Bonding together in a new place.

No matter where you are, little compares to the value of quality time between kids and parents. Traveling to faraway places is a powerful way to provide that. By making the time to travel together, especially to international destinations, that will leave strong impressions in your kids’ minds, allowing you to fuel a deeper sense of togetherness and shared memories. You will fuel lifelong stories. Your kids may forget a lot of what they see on your trip, but they will always remember how it felt to travel with you.

4. Building resiliency in the face of new challenges.

Taking your kids to other countries isn’t easy; often, it even presents major challenges. Rather than this being a drawback, it’s actually a huge benefit. Why? Learning to navigate foreign places offers an opportunity to grow in resiliency. Maybe you’re sleeping in less comfortable accommodations than you have at home, or perhaps you’re stuck at an airport waiting for delay after delay.

As you show your children how to respond, they are growing. By modeling and talking about healthy ways to solve problems and handle setbacks, you deeply impact your kids’ future ability to do so. Traveling can help build their confidence, adaptability and even gratitude for life.

The fact is, traveling abroad offers unparalleled opportunities for families. When you take your kids to new countries, you enlarge their view of the world and their understanding of their place in it. You also deepen your connections with each other in the process. So if you’re looking to celebrate diversity, enrich education, spark more family bonding and help your kids grow, consider the beauty of traveling together internationally. 

Author bio: Claire Dean, Content Creator at Valencia Travel, Peruvian Tour Operator, believes traveling in South America is a joy to behold. The rich variety of published destinations, experiences, landscapes and geography fascinated Claire so much that she chose to relocate here over 20 years ago. Claire loves to share her knowledge and passion for Central and South America with you and help you plan your holiday of a lifetime!

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