How to Make a Fashion Book with Blurb

Blurb is a cool company that lets you make books about anything that interests you. And if you’re interested in fashion and style—and love to show it off—making a book of your personal fashion is a fantastic way to capture your sartorial genius for all time.

Living a Stress Free and Healthy Life in 2014

As we know, a mother is the queen of multi-tasking, but this has the potential to cause burn out and stress which then leads to an unhealthy mom. Not a good thing! Let’s face it, becoming overly busy may cause us to overlook our own health and well-being. From schedules to house chores and work and/or business, etc., life becomes just plain exhausting.

Interview with Self-Defense Trainer, Jarrett Arthur

For your New Year’s resolution to succeed why don’t you try something new? Keep your 12 month goal, but break it up into monthly goals. Go a step further and break it up into weekly and even daily goals. The two most important pieces of the puzzle are (1) having challenging yet attainable short-term goals that are clearly defined, and (2) that you consistently re-evaluate your short terms goals and modify as needed.