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Good afternoon Michigan moms and visiting readers.  Now that the election is over, it’s time to move forward and with gusto, right?  I am just thankful that the Lord is in control. (My two cents)

I have 2 sweet books that I will be reviewing in the days ahead.  I will post an honest review on each of them with “possible” giveaways.  These books were submitted individually by the authors for Michigan Home Mommy Works to review.  I am very excited!

The two sweet books I will be reviewing are as follows:

  1. Sad Santa by Tad Carpenter
  2. Launch Out Into The Deep (Award Winning Christian Book. Dove.org Family Approved) by Acacia Slaton Beumer

Sweet, right? Also, stay tuned for an upcoming product review.  My hubby has been reviewing it for me, that has been fun, haha.  We also have a big giveaway from Walls Gifts and More in the works.  I will keep you posted on that as well.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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Lindsey Jenn

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