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 Hello Michigan moms and visiting readers!  I would like to kick off our week with a wonderful giveaway for you and your children.  As a Christian mom, I believe that raising our children up as unto the Lord is very important.  Incorporating a children’s Bible study is essential for them to learn about Jesus and what He has for us in this life.
Do you currently do Bible studies with your children?  Here are some tips that can aide in helping children in learning the Bible whether it’s a Children’s Bible or not:
  • Having copies of the same Bible is helpful so they can follow along if they are of reading age.
  • Stick with a standard version of the Bible as King James, etc. can be very confusing.  Student Bibles are wonderful.
  • Strictly have a lesson on learning the books of the Bible so they know how to search for Bible verses and references.
  • Have your oldest child read out loud.  I have my oldest daughter do this from time to time and it is very helpful even when it comes to the younger children.
  • Be sure to have a discussion on what you read so that they may have a deep and meaningful understanding of God’s Word.
For the preschool child, many of us know that they are more hands on and visual.  The Children’s Bible iPad App is a great tool for teaching children at home about the Bible.  
The Children’s Bibles contains 84 books, different well-known children’s Bible stories. 
They are all beautifully illustrated, in a classic naturalistic and colorful style, with sound effects and music. They are also made into movies, and you can record your own audio for reading so the child will hear the father, mother or grandparent reading the story.  These stories have already been sold, in printed form, in over 8 million copies in more than 110 languages and countries. (See the list in the App.) It is still reprinting 300,000 to 600,000 each year.
Check out the 3 free complete books and 3 free sample books. 
These are all stories from the Bible for different age groups from +0 to teenagers and even adults. They are faithful to the BIBLE, but shortened in some books.
Please have a look, and download this free App and look at the free books and samples.


•Read (you can read the stories yourself)

•Read to Me (listen to the story, while watching the pages turn)

•My Audio (record your own voice and play along with the story)

•Play movie (watch an animated video)
You can view details on the app here.   The Children’s Bible Studies iPad app is by Scandinavia Publishing House.

I have personally viewed a demonstration of the Children’s Bible iPad app and feel it is an awesome  tool for a child of any age, even adults. 
If you have an iPad in your possession, please take a look at this app and do a review on iTunes.  

Now, my favorite part….the GIVEAWAY!  Enter the giveaway below through Rafflecopter simply by logging in with your email and following the instructions.  The winner will receive a set of best selling Bible books:
  • Handy Bible
  • Comic Book Bible
  • Small Famous People of the Bible 

The value of the books are listed on the giveaway box.  Giveaway is valid in the U.S only. 

Ready, Set, Enter below!  Good luck everyone.  Giveaway ends on Monday, October 1st, 2012 and will be announced the same day.

Image: Tom Morris: Wikimedia Commons

Michigan Home Mommy Works was compensated for the Children’s Bible review and giveaway, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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