What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story: Review


I was just recently given the opportunity to review a new children’s book: What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story by Walter Wally, Illustrated by Judith Bicking. Here is a brief summary from the book itself:

“What does Daddy do when he leaves the house each morning?  You might be surprised!  What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story is Daddy’s chance to tell his child about all of the amazing things he does while he is away at work.  But amidst the heart-pounding excitement, which includes wrestling a dragon, and traveling to outer space in a hot air balloon, Daddy has only one thing on his  mind-getting back home to his child.~ Walter Wally
Walter Wally
is glad to meet ya.
He lives on the beach, and he loves pizza.”
(Inside flap of What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Sory)

Author, Walter Wally, “is the author of many short stories for children and adults.  What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story is the first of Walter’s stories to be published, which makes him very proud.  But if Walter has anything to say about it, this is just the beginning.  So, mommies, please be on the lookout for What Mommy Did Today because its coming next in this series, and trust me, she did a lot.  Walter’s literary inspirations is Shel Silverstein his storytelling inspirations is Bill Cosby, and his personal inspirations is his wife.” (What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story)

What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story, is definitely a cute bedtime story from dads to kids.  I can honestly say that the book was not what I expected.  My original thought upon looking at the title and cover was that it simply was going to be a small story based on a fictional character’s father.  A day in the life of, so to speak.  It just happens to be a fun imaginary adventure that I think you, your hubby, and children will enjoy.  In the end, no matter what daddy does in his day even as grand as traveling through outer space in a hot air balloon, nothing compares to the love and pleasure of tucking a child into bed for the night.  I am definitely looking forward to What Mommy Did Today.  His and Hers bedtime stories for the kids, gotta love that.

If you would be interested in purchasing this book, visit: www.walterwally.com

A big thank you goes to Walter Wally for allowing me the opportunity to review this book.  It was definitely a joy and a privilege.  My children love it!

What was your favorite children’s bedtime story growing up?

Images courtesy of Walter Wally

Lindsey Jenn

One thought on “What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story: Review

  1. I really liked your review, Lindsey, and I totally agree with you. I think this is an amazing bedtime story for kids. It captures what a father feels for his child. The story may be fantastical, but the message of love that a father feels for his child is very real. The illustrations really pop and the rhyming works perfectly. I highly recommend it.Jeff RiveraBestselling Author"UM … MOMMY I THINK I FLUSHED MY BROTHER DOWN THE TOILET"http://amzn.to/RUltKc

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