#TheOccupationStation Macomb {Mommy Review}

#TheOccupationStation Macomb {Mommy Review}

Mommy reviewer Stephanie visited The Occupation Station with her kids in exchange for this review.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.


We visited The Occupation Station on Friday, August 26, 2016. One of the very first things that we noticed is the plentiful parking and the clean façade of the building.  The inside was also very clean. The main counter is centrally located so the owner was able to keep eyes on all parts of the facility at one time and the guests are always in eye shot of someone who works there.


The front lobby section has several benches that converts to tables, a couch seating area, as well as two taller bar seating sections that overlook the play area. This is a nice area to enjoy beverages and snacks that are available for purchase.

The left side of the facility has several themed stations where the children can actually dress up as an astronaut, doctor, or a police officer. The quality of the play items are top notch. Each section was very well thought out down to every last detail. My boys (ages 6, 4, and 18 months), loved dressing up and imaging they were part of the action.

My youngest loved the corner section with the basketball hoops.  Everything was at a level that could reach so I did not feel like I needed to hover over him to make sure he was having a good time. The right side of the facility included a dance studio/workout area, a craft area, photo booth, and a library.


During our visit, one of the employees read a book for story time to all the kids that were there. I wasn’t sure if my kids would sit still for this, but they loved it! The young lady that was working while we were there was really good with the kids and engaged in play with them.

The music playing was current pop music songs sung by kids (KidzBop or something like it) so any inappropriate lyrics were changed to be family-friendly.

Pricewise, The Occupation Station is similar to other local imagination places like it; however, they do offer group discounts for larger families.

Overall, The Occupation Station was a lot of fun for my kids and for me. I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee and let my kids use their imagination and play in an environment that was clean and felt safe. This is a great place to go with a friend and have good conversation while the kids have a change of scenery and have lots of fun. We will definitely be back!

Michigan Mom Living would like to thank the folks over at The Occupation Station for giving Stephanie and her children the opportunity the chance to visit your facility!

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