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Happy Monday Michigan moms and visiting readers.  Just recently, Michigan Home Mommy Works hosted a giveaway for It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator.  Didn’t get a chance to enter?  You have another shot.

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LaTasha Reed, It Works! Independent Distributor, would like to giveaway an Ultimate Body Applicator to one of our readers.  I can honestly say that I have never tried this product, but would love to try it in the future.  Multiple pregnancies can definitely change a body.  I have always been curious about this particular product. Does it really work? Here is a little info about the body applicator before entering the giveaway!

“This body-slimming applicator is infused with all natural botanical formula that is absorbed through the skin, and by a special, unique process, to detoxify our body and tighten, firm, and tone our skin. 
The applicator also works as an anti-inflammatory and over-all skin appearance. It is worn for a minimum if 45 minutes and actually continues to process for 72 hours after it is removed. Everybody’s skin processes differently. Some medications store in your cells for a long time and it may take longer to process. This is a healthy cleanse for your body. You are actually feeding your body something healthy!
You can put the applicator on any part of your body to spot reduce and see immediate results. This is a amazing product and is cheaper than lipo!”
Would you like to try this product?  Feel free to enter LaTasha’s giveaway below or check out her website to make an order.  The giveaway is open to U.S residents. Ages 18+ may enter.  Please read full terms and conditions within the Rafflecopter widget below before entering. 

Check back in with us to share your results if you are the winner of the giveaway! We would love to hear from you.

Contact LaTasha at:
313 618 1643 for more details on the product.

Images Courtesy of LaTasha and It Works!

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  1. I have a poochy tummy from losing weight and carrying 4 babies that I would love to get rid of! Exercise is only doing so much good…

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