Belli Body Bounce Back Kit Review

The past few weeks I have gotten to try out 2 products that are supposed to improve tone and appearance of stressed and stretched skin and decrease the appearance of existing stretchmarks.  This applies to anyone of any age.

If you are a mom who went through multiple pregnancies, you may have noticed that your skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to and you have noticeable stretchmarks.  This is definitely me after 4 babies in 6 years time frame.  My last baby was very large and stretched my skin out to the max.  It was so disheartening.  I was always looking for something that actually might help me “bounce” back.

Belli Bounce Back Kit is Physician Formulated.  It is a 2-Step system to help tone, firm, and fade.  The kit includes:

  • Body Firming Serum
  • Stretchmark Minimizing Cream

This kit has a seal on the box: “Highest Safety Standards for Mom & Baby.”  There are no Paraben preservatives, BPA, Phthalates, Dyes and artificial fragrances, and has been allergy tested.  For moms using it shortly after giving birth and are nursing, there are no worries of harmful ingredients to a mother’s breast milk.(LACTMED Screened)

Belli Body Bounce Back Kit Value set is currently $69.99 ($83 Value)

Did you know that some of what you put onto your skin absorbs into your bloodstream?  This is definitely scary if you are a mom-to-be.  It is said that the average woman uses more than 200 skincare ingredients each day.  This blew me away.  Because of all the hoopla I hear about skincare products, I have been choosing not to use them as much.  I find the only ones I use are in the shower and occasional perfumes and lotions.  I have been seeking out organic products as well as it pays to be educated on products we use on a daily basis.

Would I recommend these products by Belli after trying them myself?  Yes!  Just within days after using the Body Firming Serum (Daily Skin Support) and the Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream (Skin Restoration) I noticed a slight change.  Due to busy end of year events and stress, I stopped using the product and didn’t get a chance to see the full result. Now that things have calmed down, I plan on sticking to the products completely to achieve a great result.  I must say that I was skeptical in the beginning, but my stretchmarks have faded slightly.  Now I am going to shoot for firming up tough areas throughout.  I know many people that review these types of products take before and after photos to showcase their results.  I am shy when it comes to something like that, haha.  I guess you will have to take me for my word. One day I will get the nerve up to actually post before and after pics of results that I am currently achieving with Belli Body Bounce Back Kit or future products that come along like this. 

You can currently purchase Belli Body Bounce Back Kit on Amazon.  I found a kit you can purchase from $44.99 if you are an Amazon Prime Member.  Or you can purchase it directly from their website.

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Thank you to Belli Skincare for allowing me to review their products. 

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