Sincerely Nuts Jalapeno Pistachios Review

Are you a fan of pistachios?  Sincerely Nuts has some eye catching variations. I recently got to sample Pistachio Jalapeno.  Absolutely delicious!
My first concern was if they were going to be extremely spicy due to the Jalapeno pepper sauce laced throughout.  Not bad at all, but this is definitely an opinion as I do like spicy foods with medium intensity. Just a hint of spice really made it enjoyable.  Hubby had to fight me for them as he is a fan of anything extremely spicy, haha!
How are they prepared?  Assorted pistachio nuts grown on California farms, spices, sea salt, pepper sauce, and egg white. 
Nuts are an excellent source of protein.  Pistachios also contain Vitamin A and C along with Iron and Calcium.  The Dietary Fiber is up to 12 percent in 1 oz.  Always store pistachios in a dry and cool place to keep them fresh for healthy eating.
How much does a bag of Sincerely Nuts Jalapeno Pistachios cost?
  • 1 Pound Bag: $9.99
  • 5 Pound Bag: $47.45
  • 25 Pound Case: $179.99
Sincerely Nuts generally ship within 24 hours of making the order.  They are guarantee fresh!
I really enjoyed these pistachios and most likely will buy them again in the future.  I highly recommend them to anyone who loves nuts with an added bite to it such as the Jalapenos.
They also sell:
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Snacks
  • Dried Fruit
and more.  Visit Sincerely Nuts to view all of the yummy snacks available!
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Lindsey Jenn

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