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As a mom, are you looking to better the health of your family even if it means going organic in some areas?  These days certain foods contain GMO’s, preservatives, etc.  It’s getting to the point where we wonder if anything we consume is healthy anymore.

I was ecstatic when a company Cow Wow Cereal Milk contacted me to review two of their organic milk products to share with you all.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk (organic milk) tastes like a bowl of cereal.  I am happy to say that they achieved their goal.  Cow Wow cereal milk does taste like a bowl of cereal.  It’s delicious!

They have two flavors:

  • Fruity Trudy
  • Chocolate Chip Cathy

They supplied me with a cute little white lunch pale with a Cow Wow sticker label on the front with four 8.5 oz milk cartons. (2 Chocolate Chip Cathy and 2 Fruity Trudy).  My girls seemed to like both flavors.  Fruity Trudy was the hit though.  I personally think it tastes like Trix cereal and Chocolate Chip Cathy tastes like Cocoa Puffs or something similar.  This one was my favorite for sure. 

It’s great to know that the Cow Wow Cereal Milk is organic, naturally flavored and only contains 6 grams of added sugar.  It’s lowfat and delicious!  A definite not so sweet treat that kids love and moms approve of!

What’s the Story?

Cowifornia Farms had fallen on hard times.  There was no hay left in the barn so Farmer Fred fed his cows the only food left in his cupboards.  Cereal.  They loved it so much they finished every last box and the next time Farmer Fred milked his cows he discovered something udderly amazing.  Their milk tasted sweet just like the cereals they loved to eat.”

Cute story!  Your kids will get a kick out of that I bet! Haha.

Do I recommend Cow Wow Cereal Milk for your children?  Yes I do!  It’s a cute idea and treat that won’t rot their teeth.  It’s actually good for them.

Where can you purchase Cow Wow Cereal Milk?  At these locations:

  • Albertsons
  • Bristol Farms
  • Rainbow Acres
  • Vicente Foods
  • am pm
  • Chevron
  • Mobile
  • 76
  • Los Angeles Zoo
  • LEGOLAND California 

Since the product is new, it may be available in other places soon such as Target, etc.  At least I hope.  Right now they have a website marketing the milk, but will be updating a new website very soon.

I want to thank the folks over at Cow Wow Cereal Milk for allowing me to review their milk products here on my blog!  The milk is truly delicious!

If you are a company looking to spread the word about your product and would like for me to do a review here on Michigan Home Mommy Works, please contact me at for more details.

Images courtesy of Cow Wow Cereal Milk (Google Images)

Lindsey Jenn

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