GIVEAWAY: From Kimmie’s Bow Stand

I am so excited to share this mom business with you.  If you are a mom of  little girls and just love frills and bows, you will love Kimmie’s Bow Stand.  Her creations are absolutely adorable. 

My name is Kim Dushane and I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  Kimmie’s Bow Stand was created especially for my three little girls. Every piece is handmade and designed with them in mind. This giveaway includes an oversized Rose Headband in your choice of Purple, Grey, White or Light Pink. Please stop by and Like my Facebook page to stay up-to date on new products.” ~Kim Dushane

Here are some samples of Kimmie’s Bow Stand creations:

The headbands and bows are darling! Kim puts her heart and soul into her business and it truly shows in the results. Feel free to enter her giveaway below.  Again, one winner will receive an {oversized Rose Headband in choice of purple, gray, white, or light pink!}  Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly before entering this giveaway, very important.
Happy Entering!
{Images Courtesy of Kimmie’s Bow Stand}
Enter Giveaway Below.

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