Mom Biz Series Part 3: Marketing Methods

Mom Biz Series Part 3: Marketing Methods

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Thank you for transitioning over to our new site and new name; Michigan Mom Living formerly, Michigan Home Mommy Works.  Previously, I had started a Michigan mom biz series on persistence and dedication in specific areas of running a business.  Feel free to recap:

Whether you own your own business or work for a business, marketing methods are important in spreading the word effectively for your business.  There are a variety of marketing methods out there, which ones should you use?   Here are a few examples of business marketing just to make sure we are on the same page:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Business Promoting through events, etc.

Have you ever heard of {Upselling}?  This is where you offer upgrades in a service or product to a customer who is already on board your business.  I have encountered this on several occasions as a customer, etc. It’s a clever marketing strategy for sure.

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All business owners adopt their own marketing methods based on what is good for them.  I currently use eSig Online – HTML Email Signatures.  It’s an awesome email marketing program to help you spread the word about your business.  They are currently letting me try them out for free for one year.  That’s their business marketing method right there.  It’s a good chance I will return as a paying costumer.

My other methods are through Social Networking and Blog Marketing.  These are actually my favorite methods.

What marketing methods are you currently utilizing for your business?  Maybe you are creative and come up with your own ideas.  We would love to hear them.  Traditional marketing methods can be great, but then they can become stale.  It’s nice to take it up a notch once in a while.

Lindsey Jenn

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