Nifty Launches Free Social Marketplace

Nifty Launches Free Social Marketplace

Unique Mobile App Lets Parents Safely Give & Sell Household Items with Their Friends and Community!

September 12, 2013—San Diego, CA—Network Anomaly, a San Diego-based company, launched the Beta version of Nifty. This unique app targets busy parents that have things they no longer need or that are looking for stuff they can use. It promises that items will go to someone within the user’s personal Nifty network. The initial release is exclusively available for iOS with a Web version planned for the coming months.

Nifty is taking marketplaces like Craigslist or EBay to the next level but the advantage of the app is it presents the consumer with a more personal, engaging experience. Nifty helps parents connect and find items they can use, searching through a variety of categories. By encouraging local transactions with friends and community connections, Nifty fosters a safer experience than many competitors. Nifty also creates a way for groups to raise money simply by promoting a beneficial service to their members.

“Nifty was born from the experiences we had of stashing and eventually trashing or donating things, only to later realize that friends could have used those things,”

said co-founder Peter Pistek. “It feels good to help friends and pay it forward with people you know – that’s a sentiment that everyone can relate to.”

Over the last three months, Nifty has facilitated hundreds of transactions within its network. Most popular are newborn items, children’s clothes and toys, and household goods. Some memorable items include: a backyard playhouse, several computer monitors, a Kindle, strollers, and even a Nordic Track.

Since the company was launched in San Diego, the majority of its users are in the region and are mostly couples with children.

Nifty creates a low-friction, social marketplace where you can easily post your unused or lightly used household items,” said co-founder Daniel Wang. “Unlike our competitors, Nifty users feel sense of community and familiarity with th people they are interacting with.”

Nifty is available for free download on the Apple AppStore. For more information on Nifty, please visit at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter via @NiftyApp.

About Nifty

Nifty is a mobile-centric, social marketplace where users give, sell, and trade items with people in their social and community networks. Organizations use Nifty to benefit their users and help raise funds through transaction commission sharing. Daniel Wang is the Co-Founder and CEO), Peter Pistek is the Co- Founder and Product and Business Development Executive and Kriss Carr is the Co-Founder and Developer.

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