Ever Think Twice About Using Bleach?

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When I was growing up, “bleach” (or Roman Cleanser as my mother called it) was a staple in our household. She swore by this cleaning product to get anything and everything “clean”.  Whether it was disinfecting or getting the whites “white” in the washer, it was used religiously.  It became a standard cleaning product in the house and as a kid, we never thought twice about using it.

Once I started cleaning my own home and washing my own kiddo’s laundry, I began to wonder why this cleaning product smelled so powerful and what was in it?  Upon further investigation, I discovered that chlorine was the basis for most commonly used bleaches.   I also learned that chlorine was the first killing agent employed by the German military during World War I for lethal gases. Basically, chlorine is a powerful irritant that can damage the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.   Yikes!

Hmmm…upon reading this information, I sure had to ponder as a parent…. do I want bleach in my house?  Does it clean, disinfect and make clothes bright white…. yes it does.  But once again, do I want a product in my house that my family could potentially “gas” themselves or possibly ingest…no thank you.

This once “never thought twice about using it” cleaning product now became taboo in my house and I began searching feverishly for “other” cleaning options.  While looking for other cleaning options, I came upon the realization that you do not need to use bleach in your home to clean or disinfect.  There are alternative shopping options available for cleaning products without bleach that are just as effective and safer to use in your home.  I discovered there are companies out there promoting “no bleach” options.  I personally became an advocate for my family and found cleaners that were safer for my family and am now purchasing cleaning products from a company that is environmentally responsible.

Do you use bleach?  If so, did you ever “think twice about using bleach” or other harmful cleaning products?  If not, you may be “thinking twice” now.

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