SensoGlove Wins GOLF Magazine’s Techy Awards 2013

SensoGlove Wins GOLF Magazine’s Techy Awards 2013

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SensoGlove is World’s First Digital Golf Glove
Corrects “Death Grip” for Better, More Accurate & Powerful Golf Swing

Created Based on Feedback from International PGA Professionals
October 23, 2013, Aachen, Germany – Sensosolutions, a leading provider of innovative IT systems for sports analysis, motion and performance measurement, announced today that Sensoglove, the  world’s first digital golf glove, has won the highly coveted GOLF Magazine’s 2013 Techy Awards.  Featured in GOLF Magazine’s November 2013 issue, the Techy Awards recognize state-of-the-art excellence in 20 categories across the golf game.

In awarding SensoGlove in the Techiest Glove category, GOLF Magazine said, “A death grip is great for Darth Vader, but on a golf club it drains your power.  This training aid’s tiny sensors measure your grip pressure through the swing, alerting you when you use a choke hold.  It’s a futuristic flourish used as a force for good.”

SensoGlove Shows which Fingers are Gripping Too Tightly

SensoGlove features a small, sweat-proof 1.2-inch LED digital monitor that analyzes the pressure of the swing through highly responsive sensors placed throughout the glove.  By swinging the golf club, SensoGlove provides real-time audio and visual feedback at 80 times per second to warn you if you exceed your target level of grip pressure.  The patented SensoGlove even shows you which fingers are gripping too tightly, so you can adjust your grip accordingly.

Made of the highest quality cabretta leather, SensoGlove is the perfect gift for golf lovers to learn or improve their game.  SensoGlove works as a personal golf trainer, helping avoid bad habits and injury.  With SensoGlove, all golfers (from beginner to advanced), can quickly learn how to hold the club, improving every part of their game, from backswing, downswing, impact, follow-through, to driving, putting, and chipping.

SensoGlove is available immediately at and through distributors, sales partners, and golf schools around the world, including,,, and  Available for men and women in right or left hand configurations, sizes small to x-large, SensoGlove is priced at $89 (replacement gloves are available for $22.48).   Made of cabretta leather, the built-in digital monitor can be removed to use SensoGlove as a regular golf glove.  For more information, please visit

About Sensosolutions

Sensosolutions GmbH is a leading German-based company specializing in the development of highly innovative IT systems for sports analysis, motion, and performance measurement.  Sensosolutions is the creator of SensoGlove, the first and only golf glove with built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip.  SensoGlove teaches you the correct grip pressure for a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores.  For more information, see

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