Does It Have to be Cold Turkey Health? 6 Steps to Healthier Eating

Does It Have to be Cold Turkey Health? 6 Steps to Healthier Eating

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Doesn’t it seem like society is going “cold turkey” regarding giving up this or that to become healthier?  We read online that we shouldn’t be eating this; we shouldn’t be eating that because it isn’t healthy for us.  The latest and greatest diets knock at our door continuously to lose weight and become healthier.  No wonder so many people are overwhelmed and cannot focus on their health or stick to a diet plan.

Where does one start to become healthier without feeling deprived??

Here are a 6 baby steps baby-23991_640 at taking a look at your health and getting started in the right direction.

  1. {Do you dine out for lunch or family leisure often?}  If so, decrease the times you eat out in a week.  Eating out calories add up very quickly.
  2. {Do you drink soda/pop daily?}  Cut down to one daily instead of two.
  3. {Buy frozen or pre-made food?}  We know everyone is so strapped for time to cook, but if you even cook a couple times a week and double batch to freeze for another meal, it will save you calories and sodium.
  4.  {Exercise?}  Maybe you aren’t able to work out five days a week, but can do three.  Any little bit will help.
  5. {Water drinker?} Increase your water intake.  If water is too bland, add lemon or other fruits and veggies for flavored water.
  6. {Got a sweet tooth?}  Don’t always be the one to buy candy bars or cookies each and every time you are at the store. Bake your own cookies.  Store them in the freezer and allow yourself one a day for a treat.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed when it comes to being healthier.   It all really can start by just cutting back and taking a look at your lifestyle and keep trimming back to achieve your goals.  Baby steps can help you avoid “cold turkey” health…. one step at a time.

Cynthia Tait

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