Avoid Eating-Out Dilemmas with These 3 Tips

Avoid Eating-Out Dilemmas with These 3 Tips

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I can surely say that I get set in my ways in what I cook for my family and for myself personally.   I realize that it really shows when we go out to eat.  Now eating out isn’t huge at our house, maybe once a week, but it can be quite a dilemma.  What do I get, what don’t I get?   The unhealthy temptations are lurking around each page of the menu.   Deep fried this, smothered in something that.  Wow….all sounds good and fattening, but I don’t cook like that for my family and I really don’t want to eat like that either.  So…what to do??

Here are a few eating out tips I discovered:

Ask the waitress for items not on the menu…or prepared the way their menu recommends.  For example…This past week we went out to eat after church with my family at a local cafe that seems to be a greasy spoon.  Needless to say, the menu suggests fries with all sandwiches.  There was an appealing chicken wrap on the menu, but with crispy fried chicken.  I asked if the wrap could have grilled chicken instead of crispy fried chicken.  The waitress stated it wouldn’t be a problem.

Order healthier sides.  When ordering sandwiches, I ask for the side item (instead of fries) to be a small side salad with the dressing on the side.  Most times it isn’t a problem to switch a side and other times they request a nominal fee for switching.  Either way it’s totally worth it.

Order healthier adult meal items to be shared amongst your kiddos. Most kid menu selections are burgers, hot dogs, fries…yikes!  Sharing healthier adult meals is a way around this issue.

Next time you are out and about and eating at your favorite restaurant….try some of the above healthier suggestions that worked for my family.   Eating out shouldn’t have to be such a dilemma.  Restaurants are willing to accommodate…just ask!

Cynthia Tait

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