Eat, Drink & Be Curly by Ouidad {Review}

Eat, Drink & Be Curly by Ouidad {Review}

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I received a set of Eat, Drink, and Be Curly by Ouidad to review in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


I don’t know about you but my hair definitely has a split personality. It doesn’t really know if it wants to be curly or straight so it tries to do both at once. It’s not a pretty sight! I never know if I should choose hair care for straight hair or curly hair because my top layer of hair is straight but the rest of my hair is curly. Super annoying! With each pregnancy, the curly layer gets curlier and the straight layer gets straighter. Or maybe the straight layer just looks straighter because the curly layer is curlier? I don’t know and neither does my hair because it just can’t make up it’s mind! Anyway… on to my product review. 🙂


Last week I tried the gift set by Ouidad called Eat, Drink & Be Curly. It came in a super cute, ready-to-gift package that included moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and a moisturizing hair gel (I didn’t even know that existed. So cool!). It’s safe for color-treated, permed or straightened curls. The shampoo and conditioner were both extremely luxurious and thick. I loved the barely there scent that was very fresh smelling. I don’t like any shampoo or conditioner that leaves much of a scent behind so this was great. The hair gel had the same scent and was a flexible hold. Who needs crunchy curls? After I used these products my hair was super shiny and so soft. It was amazing because we have really hard water at my house so my hair typically looks dull in the winter. I also had been having a weird frizz to part of my bangs and after I had used the Ouidad shampoo & conditioner it was gone. I had actually put coconut oil on the frizz a few days prior and it didn’t even help so I was kind of amazed that the Ouidad products did. I assumed that I had somehow burnt my hair using a flat iron and would have to wait for it to grow out. I really appreciated the fact that each bottle came with a seal on it. The germaphobe in me likes knowing that I’m the only person who has used that product. It is also competitive as far as price goes compared to other salon quality hair care.

I really liked the Eat, Drink & Be Curly gift set. I loved the product and would definitely feel confident in giving it as a gift!

You can purchase these Ouidad products on Amazon.

Shampoo                               Conditioner                    Gel

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