Boogie Mist: Non-Medicated Saline Nasal Spray

Boogie Mist: Non-Medicated Saline Nasal Spray

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boogie mistI received a can of Boogie Mist in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

**UPDATE 3/11: Due to stuffy noses, we were able to give Boogie Mist a try!  It works great! Very easy to use. Most likely will be purchasing this product again in the future.  I love how gentle it is on the little noses.  Very pleased.

Have you ever heard of Boogie Mist?  It is a non-medicated saline nasal spray for children of all ages.

As a mom of three, I am always leery of what is available for children in terms of medicines, etc.  What is exactly considered safe anymore?

Since we are in the cold and flu season, symptoms become more evident and just downright miserable for little ones so it’s important that we know the difference between the common cold and typical winter allergies to ensure children are getting proper treatment without any worries.

“Allergies usually come with nasal secretions that are watery and clear, itchy eyes and throat symptoms persist for weeks.  While for colds, nasal secretions are discolored, chills and body aches occur, and symptoms are gone usually in about a week.”

If we get to the root of a child’s illness sooner, we can save money from visiting the doctor and we can ensure we are using proper remedies.   Boogie Mist nasal spray was designed to “moisturize and clear colds, flu, and allergy stuffed or irritated noses.”

As a parent when we think of nasal sprays, it’s definitely something we do not want to give to our children, but Boogie Mist is “scented like grapes or fresh scent so kids are naturally drawn to the sweet smell.”

I also received some Boogie Mist wipes to try out as well!


I will be honest, as a mom I was skeptical of this product as do we want something scented up our children’s noses? Is it really safe?  I have the can of Boogie Mist nasal spray in our medicine cabinet waiting to be used in hopes to give an all out review of the product.  Who would have known that my children would be pretty healthy so far this winter with barely any runny noses or colds?  In a strange way I was hoping I would test the product first on any runny nose I may acquire, but again, haven’t been bit by that bug and praying we stay strong and healthy.

In the event that I get to thoroughly use Boogie Mist non-medicated nasal spray on myself first then my children, I will give an update on how well or not the product actually works.  Yes, this mom is taking it slow as it is a product I have never heard of. I am sure it is safe to say that you would feel the same way.

I am optimistic; however, that the product is successful and safe as two moms developed Boogie Mist along with Boogie Wipes as a solution to their kids’ sore and runny noses.  You can read full story here.

Through this post, I am hoping to create an awareness of Boogie Mist in case you would like to give it a shot for yourself and/or your kiddies.  I am hoping Boogie Mist is a two-thumbs-up!

Have you tried Boogie Mist with your family?  What are your thoughts and is it helpful to alleviate symptoms as well as safe?

I would like to thank everyone at Boogie Mist for providing us with samples to try with our family.  When and if the cold bug bites or allergies flare up, we will utilize your product and share our experience with others!

Here’s the happy and healthy little noses!


Images courtesy of Boogie Mist

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