Fitness Expert’s 6 Time Saving Tips for Moms

Fitness Expert’s 6 Time Saving Tips for Moms

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Now that the new year is in full swing, have you dedicated yourself to those changes you wanted to make in your life?  Unfortunately, busy schedules which often lead to many excuses, cause these commitments to take a dive according to fitness expert, Kathy Kaehler.  From slow computers to long showers, our lives are filled with inefficiencies that you never really actually think about.  Then we have are children to tend to.

Kathy would like to share with us a list of ways (6 time saving tips) that moms can save time without drastic life changes.  Hopefully, these tips will help you manage your busy schedules.


Time Saving Tips

  1.  Keeping your kids healthy can be a challenge, especially this time of year.  Keep lots of fruits and veggies prepped and ready to snack on for after school or for packed lunches.  It might not be a bad idea to keep the vitamin bottle on the counter for a reminder while fixing breakfast.
  2. Before heading to the grocery store with your kids, spend a little time with a cookbook and allow them to choose some of the menus for the week.  When they’re age appropriate, let them help you shop to save time.  Kids are more apt to eat what they choose and help make in the kitchen.
  3. Whether it’s to play games or hopefully do homework, kids are spending more time on the computer than ever before.  And a recent study from shows that we’re wasting an average of 16 minutes a day waiting for our slow computers to “catch up.”  That adds up to two hours a week and four days a year! Minimize your kids’ screen time by setting rules for how long they can be online, and consider giving your slow computer a boost with a memory upgrade.
  4. The truth is you usually waste more time circling a parking lot, searching for a space that’s closest to the entrance.  Park a little further out and play a fun game with the kids on the way in by counting how many steps it takes to get inside.
  5. Get your kids in the habit of picking out their clothes the night before so that no one is stuck standing in their underwear, staring at the closet, while everyone is trying to get out of the door in the morning.
  6. Teaching kids how to stay organized is just as important as it is for adults.  Call a meeting on Sundays to schedule all of the week’s activities in a family calendar.  This is also a great opportunity for parents to teach kids to about commitment.  Encourage them to stick with the plans instead of changing play dates at the last-minute.

About Kathy Kaehler

Kathy Kaehler, author, celebrity trainer, spokesperson and mom, has devoted her career to helping people live happy, productive, and healthy lives. Beyond teaching the latest in fitness workouts, this lifestyle expert has tackled such subjects as multi-tasking, stress management, nutrition, how to get a good night’s sleep….

For thirteen years, she appeared on the TODAY Show as the fitness correspondent while training such celebrities as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Angie Harmon, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cindy Crawford, to name a few. In addition to maintaining her strong celebrity clientele, Kathy introduced her signature food program named Kathy Kaehler’s Sunday Set-Up in 2010. Taking her celebrity home tour on the road with Hollywood’s hottest (such as Mel B, Nancy O’Dell, Tiffani Thiessen, Regina King, Ali Landry, Rebecca Romijn, Amber Valleta, Angie Harmon, Julie Moran, Kyle Richards, Carrie Ann Inaba, The Guncles and Rob Lowe), Kathy also began taping her reality show which demonstrates the Sunday Set -Up™ lifestyle of buying, prepping and preparing healthy snacks and meals for the whole week. Kathy visits the homes of celebrities to see just what is in their pantries and refrigerators, and brings tips and recipes to each so that they can have healthy meals on the table and on the go. Kathy’s passion for living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond the gym and her mission is to “change the way America eats, one kitchen at a time.”

Kathy is also a prolific and best-selling author, with six titles to her credit, and has tackled subjects addressing teens, pre- and post-pregnancy and the menopausal woman. She has been a contributing writer to Elle, Self and Women’s Sport & Fitness and her workouts and training tips have appeared in InStyle, US Weekly, Shape, Fitness, Family Circle, Health, More, Allure, Marie Claire, and Woman’s Day, just to name a few. Kathy is a regular contributor to and also writes a bi-weekly column for the Los Angeles Daily News, which is syndicated to several other major markets and In addition to the TODAY Show, Kathy has appeared on such shows as The View,  Better TV,  Access Hollywood, etc.

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