Single Parent Offers at Palladium Hotels & Resorts

Single Parent Offers at Palladium Hotels & Resorts

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Did you know that:

More than one third of American children are living in a single parent family home today. {God bless you for your strength and all you do for your family} As part of Palladium Hotels & Resorts commitment to families, the all-inclusive beach front resorts are announcing specific rates suitable for your next vacation in Mexico, Jamaica and Punta Cana! Now, single parent adults can pay half the room rate (which is based on double occupancy) and children stay for 50% off the single parent rate, with up to three children.

How wonderful!

In addition to this great offer, the Resorts offer age-tiered kids club, family friendly suites (exclusively in Punta Cana), special kids buffet and dietary menus and most recently, the Play at Palladium with Raggs program where Raggs and his four colorful friends take over the Kids’ Club, the beach and the pool. Truly, the fun is never ending!


No matter what size your family is, Palladium is the place to be! For more information about this fun-tastic resort, please visit

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