How Drinking Coffee May Actually Help your Liver

How Drinking Coffee May Actually Help your Liver


If you are a coffee drinker, this is exciting news right?  Can drinking coffee actually help your liver?

There has been so much talk about whether or not coffee has significant health benefits….According to liver specialist Dr. Dmitri Alden, “one area of the body that we know coffee does help is your liver. The increased metabolism in liver cells after caffeine consumption leads to decreased storage of fat in these cells. It is estimated that up to 30% of adults in the US have fatty liver disease, which may eventually lead to liver failure. It is estimated that fatty liver disease may become the leading indication for liver transplant by the year 2025. Of course, the benefits are dose-related. Four cups a day seems to be the limit, as another study recently published showed that consumption of more than 4 cups a day may actually increase the risk of premature death. Lastly, healthy lifestyle and exercise are overall more beneficial to your liver than coffee consumption. But your daily brew may actually be good for you as well!”  Liver specialist Dr. Alden has written about coffee and the liver:

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