Pet Food Store to Host Pet Health Event on 3/19-Madison Heights

Pet Food Store to Host Pet Health Event on 3/19-Madison Heights

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Are you looking to better the health of your pet?  The Pet Beastro in Madison Heights will be hosting a pet health event on March 19th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

“The event will offer local pet owners the chance to learn more about creating a nutrition action plan to improve their pets’ health.”


If you would like to learn what a nutrition consultation is, what a health assessment is, and what a homeopathic session is, this event is for you!  It will also help you look at ways to treat overall pet health issues.  Interested in simple natural remedies for ailments? The Pet Beastro event will cover that too!


The seminar will be held by Jill Tack, Naturapathic and owner of The Pet Beastro. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. They can be purchased here.

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Jill Tack, founder and owner of The Pet Beastro, says, “The most important thing today’s pet owners can do to improve the longevity of their animals is to educate themselves on their health and nutrition needs. With this seminar, I hope to help pet owners gain this knowledge by sharing the insight I’ve gained after working in pet nutrition for 10 years.”



The Pet Beastro was founded by Jill Tack in 2003 to help people learn why alternative pet food options are better for pets. The Pet Beastro prides itself in offering the largest selection of raw pet food in Metro-Detroit. They also sell dehydrated, organic and natural food, treats and supplements for dogs and cats. In addition to its alternative pet products, The Pet Beastro offers one-on-one counseling and group seminars to help provide pet owners with the knowledge they need to improve their pets’ well-being. Jill Tack is a certified Natural Health educator from the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education and has earned an Herbal Certification from GAIA Center for Herbal Studies. She has studied Classical Homeopathy under Dr. Glen Dupree. She is also the President for Compassion for Greyhounds and works with the Greyhound Rescue & Adoption in Southeastern Michigan. For more information, please visit

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