Let God {Movie Review}

Let God {Movie Review}

I received a copy of  Let God  exchange for this review. All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


If you are looking for an enlightening and inspiring movie to watch with your family, Let God by William Parker is definitely the movie to watch.

Let God is about a young woman (Amelia) who leaves her family and life with her husband (Levi) to pursue gold in California in 1848.  She did not want to leave, but loved and respected her husband enough to search for a better life.  In that search, they are ambushed and attacked.  Her husband is killed and she is left alone in the wilderness to fend for herself.

Amelia faces fear, hunger, anger and learns to survive through the winter.  She asks God for a sign as she is ready to give up.  The sign is presented though she doesn’t realize it until the end.

Do you ever find yourself complaining about material things?  Whether its newer furniture, a brand new house, etc. this movie has reminded me that material things can be snatched away in a heart-beat and we are to be grateful and thankful for what we do have.

The young woman in the movie said something that stuck with me, even if I knew it already: “God just isn’t in church or in the Bible, He’s everywhere.  I had to lose everything to see that.”  Talk about humbling.

There isn’t a whole lot of talking in the movie, as it really takes you on Amelia’s journey to see and feel what she is experiencing.

I also love that the movie teaches one to be self-sufficient.  This is so important and I think it’s good for kids to learn as well.

There is nothing inappropriate or violent about the film, it’s all pretty discreet yet it gets the point across.  I highly recommend this inspiring film.  I would say it’s best suited for ages 10 and up.

You can purchase Let God here.

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