Decorate Large On A Small Budget

Decorate Large On A Small Budget

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Many grow up thinking about their dream home.  And in most cases, women with a Pinterest account still spend a good amount of time planning theirs. However, usually where reality and dreams don’t meet up are on the budget. Well, I’m here to tell you some tips to decorate large on a small budget.

Buy After Season Sales: While buying for the upcoming season may be more fun, purchasing items after the holidays or season is the best way to save money. Stores like Hobby Lobby offer up to 95% off after Christmas. Buy things on sale that you like for next year. Some of the extra Christmas supplies could even be used for other holidays like Valentines Day and Fourth of July.

Garage and Free Boards: There are a wealth of Facebook pages and groups dedicated to helping people get rid of their stuff. Check the Craigslist free and furniture boards often to see what you can get for a low price. Be selective. Many times people sale items that haven’t ever been taken out of their packages for ½ or ⅓ of the original price.

Create Furniture Out of What You Have: While looking for a desk for our office, my husband and I were appalled at their price. Instead of buying new, we bought a table top from Ikea and used book shelves for the legs. The shelves gave us extra storage space and it can easily be taken apart and is less heavy to move.

Go Natural: Use decor that is absolutely free, items from nature. Pine cones, sea shells, and treated logs are all great free items that allow your home to have a natural vibe.


DIY: Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and do a project yourself. By getting crafty you can easily make art and fun decor for your home that costs half the price it would have if you bought it made. Look at craft blog like DIY Made Simple for affordable ideas.

Organize: Nothing will give you more space in your home than having things organized. For areas of the home that are too hard to handle by yourself, consider a professional organizer. Installing an organizing system that is good quality can actually increase the value of your home.


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