Teacher Appreciation Crafting Ideas 5/5-5/9

Teacher Appreciation Crafting Ideas 5/5-5/9

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It’s time to appreciate those amazing teachers who take care of our children at school every day! Little Passports is sharing some fun crafting ideas that will get your kids excited to share their love for each and every teacher. If you are wildly impressed by your child’s instructor, why not give a subscription to Little Passports for their classroom! You could even get a group of other moms at school to pitch in on the subscription to make it very reasonable.  It’s also great for homeschoolers as well! A classroom subscription is the perfect way to give your favorite teacher a new way to share fun facts about the USA and the rest of our world with students. If you need some more creative inspiration, click on the links below! 

Little Passports Pinterest Board
Teacher Appreciation Crafting Guide

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