Christmas is Coming…Crafts, Recipes, Gifts, Oh My! #DollarTree

Christmas is Coming…Crafts, Recipes, Gifts, Oh My! #DollarTree

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Brace yourselves….Christmas is coming! I repeat Christmas is coming! But we haven’t even celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving yet you may say. Truth! But you and I know it comes so quickly and any fun Christmas crafts, recipes, or gift ideas you have may not get completed due to the hustle and bustle. Sigh, yes been there several times. Let’s stay ahead of the game this year! Who is with me?

If you are like me, some of your shopping adventures may be at Dollar Tree. I LOVE Dollar Tree. It’s an awesome place for gathering craft ideas, recipe ideas, gifts, and more! As they say it’s “Christmas at the Tree.” Love it! You can even Shop gifts under $5 from Dollar Tree!

If you haven’t shopped at Dollar Tree for these items, you may be wondering what they have exactly….Here is a list to give you an idea and maybe to get your holiday creative juices flowing:

  • Christmas Toys
  • Santa Hats and Accessories
  • Christmas decor
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Craft Ribbon (Christmas patterns)
  • Cookie Tins and Goody Bags
  • Christmas Mugs
  • Craft ideas: Wreathes, Cards, and more!

That list doesn’t stop there. You can check out more at!

Images courtesy of Dollar Tree!

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