My Name is Paul {Movie Review}

My Name is Paul {Movie Review}

I received a copy of the movie My Name is Paul in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


My Name is Paul starring Andrew Roth, Cranston Johnson, with Joe Coffeey, Isaiah Stratton, Patrick Keenan, Vanessa Ore, Time Ross, Shanne Fields, Torry Martin and Michael Joiner Introducing Abigail Rose Cornell.  Director: Trey Ore

Paul desires to eliminate all of those who believe in The Way and believes they are dillusional and lunatics.  He continues on this path until he is taken off course and God shows himself to him.

There are some intense moments in the movie regarding the killing of Christians, but it’s fantastic and something everyone should get a chance to watch, especially since it’s shaped around modern times.  I would only recommend this film for ages 12 and up.

Whether you are a Christian or not, I recommend this film very highly.

“Caught between The Way and The World.  Paul blinded by hate and intent on destruction is determined to find and kill Peter, the enemy of his leader.  However, a terrible accident and a miraculous discovery take him off course and on a road of self-discovery where he learns to live and love The Way.”

My Name is Paul can be purchased on Amazon.


Lindsey Jenn

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