LeVin by Olavie Scented Candles {Review}

LeVin by Olavie Scented Candles {Review}

I received the Olavie line of scented candles in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Are you a candle lover?  I absolutely adore candles especially, scented candles.  I was recently introduced to a line called LeVin by Olavie.  I have never experienced their candles so I was excited to give them a try.

Olavie’s candles are absolutely heavenly.  Here are the scents they offer:

  • Signature Cellar
  • Vineyard Garden
  • Cassis and French Oak
  • Tuscan Fig
  • White Grapefruit
  • Sparkling Violet

and seasonal scent Fir Balsam.  They also carry scented reed diffusers as well.

The first one I tried was Sparking Violet.  It has a strong perfume scent at first, but then balances out to be a very sweet smell.  I love it! My hubby said it’s too strong for him.  Probably because of the girly sweet smell, haha!  Don’t worry guys, they also carry masculine scents just for you! “Man Cave.”

I gave my mom Vineyard Garden to give a try.  She lives out in the country so it is only fitting.  Can’t wait to hear her thoughts on it as she loves scented candles as well.

I have my White Grapefruit reed diffuser waiting to be used next.  Can’t wait to have the smell of grapefruit in the house.  Such a fun summer scent.


All of Olavie’s candles are $34.00 and reed diffusers are $45.00 and can be purchased directly on their website.

I am definitely interested in ordering more of their candle products in the future.  Olavie also offers spa products.  Would love to try those out next.

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What’s your favorite candle scent?


Lindsey Jenn

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