Eco-Safe Coral Kids’ Toothpaste {Review}

Eco-Safe Coral Kids’ Toothpaste {Review}

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I received a full sample of Coral Kids’ Toothpaste in exchange for this review with my kids.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Are you looking for healthy and safe toothpaste alternatives for your kids?  I was recently introduced to a brand that is considered eco-safe and fluoride free.  It is called Coral Kids’  toothpaste and is a product of Coral LLC. We received the flavor “Berry Bubblegum”. Coral Kids’ is “formulated with Ionic Calcium from Above Sea Coral.”  It also contains Xylitol!

Coral Kids’ toothpaste not only whitens teeth and freshens breath, it contains no Glycerin and is gluten-free!  You also do not have to worry about synthetic colors, synthetic flavors, preservatives, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!

Now onto one of my little critics and their thoughts on this eco-safe product:

Lyssa (7.5): “The toothpaste is very nice.  It tastes like bubblegum.  It tastes yummy!”

And there you have it, haha!  My oldest daughter 11, said she’s “not a fan of the flavor, but it did a nice job of cleaning her teeth.”  My youngest daughter 5, well she is very picky when it comes to textures and flavors so I didn’t even bother asking her for her opinion…{wink, wink}!

What are my thoughts as a parent?  You can definitely tell the difference between a popular name brand of toothpaste and Coral Kids’.  The berry bubblegum flavor is a definite kid pleaser if they are a fan of the flavor itself.  It does not leave a gritty taste or feel in your mouth, which is a plus!  When squeezing the toothpaste onto the toothbrush, it looks exactly like a white lotion and doesn’t smell like your typical toothpaste.  You can see and smell the difference for sure.  I am definitely optimistic about this product.  There are too many products floating around that contain too many harmful chemicals.


You can currently purchase Coral Kids’ toothpaste directly from their website or on Amazon.

What are your thoughts on eco-safe toothpaste such as Coral Kids’?  Would you give it a try with your kids?  Maybe you have used this product or something similar.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with us!



Lindsey Jenn

10 thoughts on “Eco-Safe Coral Kids’ Toothpaste {Review}

  1. You know, anytime that my kids see bubblegum in a flavor they are drawn to it, and if it encourages oral health and is better than other toothpastes, I am all over it…thanks for the great review!

    1. It’s probably worth a shot! I have tried it and felt like it wasn’t enough, but probably due to the fact I am used to the regular toothpastes like Crest, etc. lol!

  2. I bet my boys would love this toothpaste. Might even get the older one to brush without being told to do so all the time. Thanks for the review!

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